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Saturday, August 21, 2010

(15) A quick one!

Before sinsing lengan buat kuih siput for husband tercinta nun jauh di sana.

(Latest surat yg die bagi sgt sayu...nangis setiap kali bace =( )

owh....baru balik from facial @ Essence Beauty Care, Presint 10 + Metrojaya Raya Sale @ PICC.

Tapi sebelum update semua tu....enjoy this song...sangat layan ok!


Owner tak bagi embed..sile masuk youtube ye?

Friday, August 20, 2010

(14) Kenapa Emas dan Perak?

Panjang gilaaaaaa if i post it here..

Just for our knowledge.

Bukakan minda anda jadikan otak anda flexible utk memahami info di sini.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

(13) Metrojaya Raya Carnival Sale

Tau ade event ni masa keluar from carpark kat office tu.
Suddenly ternampak bunting iklan.

So, macam excited la jugak kan.
hoohooh~~ but i wonder, jauh terceruk di PICC tu...boleh ramai ke org pergi?

we'll see this weekend, worth it or not.
(kalau tak sabar kang i pergi je survey dulu before ajak mak)

(12) Jessying Blog

*Update for MOFEW i went last weekend will be postponed*

Jessying blog is awesome!!
I like beauty bargain (eventhough i xbermekap mana) - i can get info from her blog.
I like spa-ing - she has the info.
Dermalogica Aster Spring promo - she know.
Warehouse sales!!~~ - yeah! also got!
Also got product review!

Jessying also have blogshop, selling Shu Uemuras! *jump2* (& etc).

Friday, August 13, 2010

(11) Tiket MAS murah

cepatla blk kejenye....

rindu banget!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

(10) Lelongan Ms. Chibi

Alhamdulillah, bulan ramadhan boleh buat kerja dgn tenang. Apa kerja pun rasanye smooth je berjalan sejak 2 hari ni. Kepala tak serbaut dek kacauan/bisikan/ajakan/gangguan/gedikan syaitan kut.

ehe.. =P

baru lepas kumpul info2 & call bank utk confirmation sume.
Setelah berbincang dan ditimbang tara dgn penuh teliti..saya terpaksa melepaskan kereta merah kecik comel dan best Viva si Chibi saya tu. (owh sayu =( )

Hurm...dah macam ade connection la pulak dgn kereta tu. Sedih je kalau nk jual.
Tapi nak buat macamana kan..adik2 semua masih study. Takkan la nk bebankan kat mak utk bayar 2 kereta kan?

So...details as per below :

- EZ/EZi = 1000 EZ (Auto)
- color of car = metallic red
- yr of manufacture = 2008 (hire-purchase with ambank 30/07/2008)
- how much u still owe bank = RM 40k ++ (byk gilo!)
- side mirror can auto fold o not = cannot
- got photocopy of registration card o not = got
- how much u decide to sell = er...kena g tanye kedai
- mileage = 65k++ (on 12/8/2010)

extra :
-takashimaya car alarm system worth rm2k installed.
-just renew roadtax with additional :
(1)windscreen protection
(2)insurance covered for 2nd driver
-accident free
-careful lady owner
-on time service
-monthly payment = RM481 (RM500)

Prefer kalau ade org nak sambung bayar kut...hurm..sbb kalau jual pun boleh dpt around RM20-25k je. Mana nak cekau lagi RM20k tu?

Kut la ade sesape berminat atau ade ilmu pasal jual-beli keta ni..share2 laa sket.

Tapi kalau buat early settlement dptla rebat bbrp ribu.
(eg yg bank bg , kalau wat settlement by 31st Aug ni akan dpt rebat RM8300)
Untung gak bile nk dpt duit gedebuk utk bayar cash RM40k tu??

(9) Koleksi jawapan kepada kemusykilan waktu berpuasa

Actually browsing nak cari info boleh ke pakai contact lense masa puasa kan..
hati kata xpasti.

so...hasil dr carian dapat la artikel kertas kerja from masjid al-azim nih..

boleh refer n download dr sini

owh..die kate puasa xbatal pakai contact lense, tp penah dgr ustat pun kate xbatal cume kena be careful dgn air solution yg cuci lense tu...sbb ape xpasti lak

hurm..sape tau ek?

p/s: sian encik husband xterbangun sahur, dah kejut dah..penat sgt kut

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(8) Salam Ramadhan

Tahun pertama berpuasa dgn status 'isteri org' tp kami berjauhan.

Kesian kat kita kan abang?

Sedih jugak.. =(

Tapi xpela berkorban sekejap...tak lama pun lagi nak jumpe n nak masuk 新婚モード balik nanti =)



(7) Young Malaysian millionaires.

More and more Malaysians - especially the younger generation - are
turning entrepreneurial in their bid for financial freedom. Four young
Malaysians who have made it big in vastly different industries.

The number of new businesses registered with the Companies Commission
of Malaysia went up by 16 per cent - from 268,866 in 2008 to a
substantial 312, 581 last year, despite a contraction in the economy.

One of the most oft-quoted reasons for an increase in the number of
entrepreneurs is the success stories of others.

"There are legends like Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Datuk Tony Fernandes and
others locally. Abroad, there is Microsoft's Bill Gates. In China,
there are many youths turning millionaires and billionaires too. They
are a source of inspiration for others," said the president of the
Small Medium Industries Association of Malaysia, Chua Tiam Wee.

"The spate of financial crises in recent years, particularly the last
one which left a trail of retrenchments, has also prompted many to
feel that being an employee is no longer the safest or best career
option. Naturally, people start to think: why not be your own boss and
master of your own destiny?" adds Chua.

The prospect of working in a conventional nine-to-five job is no
longer deemed "cool".

"Waking up early to go to work is no longer appealing. Our youngsters
want flexibility. They want to innovate and create."

But while there are many inspiring success stories, there are also as
many stories of failed ventures.

"Anyone who decides to go into business must realise that
entrepreneurship is actually a 'profession' where you will be wearing
many hats. You need to be skilled not only in managing the marketing
side of the business but also the finances. You have to know what to
do and what you can do before you decide to go into business," says
Carol Yip, a personal financial coach and author of two books on
financial planning -- Money Rules and Smart Money-User.

"Be alert and aware of what's going on around the world. Even
something simple, if done well, can turn into a mega business," adds

Linda Onn, 33, restaurateur and celebrity

SHE never realised she had made her first million until she had spent
it, or rather, invested it.

"It was just last year. It was a bit of a surprise because I didn't
realise I had that much money," said the 33-year-old.

To think that she started off as an office administrator with a salary
of just RM700 a month 11 years ago. Linda Onn has definitely come a
long way.

"Since young, I've never been a big spender. I saved at least 50 per
cent of every pay cheque I got and because I was so careful with my
money, some friends called me a 'cheapskate' ."

When she got TV offers and became a spokesperson for various products,
her savings grew. In fact, it grew to such a point that six years ago,
Linda didn't know what to do with her money.

"So I decided to go into business and open up a family restaurant
because my parents had the experience and most of my family cook

As her career in the entertainment industry took off (she deejays,
acts and hosts various radio and TV programmes), her investment into
the restaurant business also bore fruit.

From only one in 2004, she is now the proud owner of five restaurants.
Her success, however, came at a price.

"When you're a celebrity, there are people who will talk and create
stories about you to get you down. I was called a coward when I didn't
turn up for an international event. Actually, I had a wardrobe issue.
There has also been a lot of gossip about my love life."

At the height of such unhappy incidents, she thought of leaving the
entertainment field. "Just get married and get lost. But then I
realised I should not feel down because whether I'm doing good or bad,
people will still talk about me. I managed to stay strong and
persevered because of my family, friends and loyal fans."

Has she managed to achieve all that she set out to do?

"I dreamt of having a house with a pool and automatic gates and me
coming home in a big car. I've got them all, so yeah.

"True success, however, is being able to walk into a designer boutique
and buy stuff without looking at the price tag. Being careful as
always, I still look at the price tag. Maybe after this, I'll just go
in and buy whatever I want."

Her recipe to success? "Count on yourself, save and invest."

Philip Lau, 31, financial agent

PHILIP Lau found out he had hit his first million when he was 28.

"I went out and bought my first Rolex," said the 31-year-old as he
flashed a grin.

Founder of Jazz Capital, a financial sales agency that focuses
primarily on insurance and savings products, as well as bank loans and
mortgages, Lau's agency is now the authorised agent for some of the
most reputable financial institutions in town.

Although his agency is only five years old, there are already some 300
agents in its employ.

What is his recipe for success?

"It's just three simple steps: one -- have a clear plan on what you
want to achieve in both the short and long term. Two -- execute your
plan accordingly and make periodic reviews for improvements, and three
-- stay focused and be passionate."

Having a good understanding of the various financial products out
there has also enabled him to make good investment choices along the

"I think that's the bonus of being in this line. We know what we sell
and when it's a good one, we can also seize the opportunity to

Lau believes his wealth and success today is made possible through
careful planning. "But it is also with God's blessing."

But his entrepreneurial route has not been without obstacles.

"I was beset with the 'what if' syndrome. Once, I was offered a good
position in an investment bank. I was tempted by the thought of steady
employment and a rewarding lifestyle with a reputable company. I had
so many doubts. It felt like it was easier to make a U-turn and take
up the offer. It took a while of self-questioning to find out what I
really wanted to do and that conviction gave me the courage to go all
out to pursue my own business."

Although rich in his own right now, Lau feels that he has not achieved
enough yet.

"I will know that I have enough when my total assets are good enough
to generate certain returns to sustain my desired lifestyle throughout
my retirement years."

To aspiring youths, he says: "Have passion and patience, but most
importantly, be practical."

Ganesh Kumar Bangah, 31, co-founder of MOL and group CEO of Friendster

HIS success story is almost legendary in Malaysia’s field of information,
communications and technology. He built MOL Access-Portal Berhad (MOL)
from scratch to become one of the biggest online payment service
providers in Asia
with an annual revenue of RM320 million, over 500,000 physical payment
channels across 75 countries, handling over five million transactions
a month.

He was certified by the Malaysia Book of Records as the youngest chief
executive of a public-listed company in Malaysia when he listed MOL on
the Mesdaq market of Bursa Malaysia at 23. He won the JCI 2009
Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, the Pikom Technopreneur Excellence
Award at the ICT Leadership Awards 2009, and is acknowledged by
Society Magazine as one of the 100 people you must know in Asia.

Late last year, he again made headlines when he led MOL to take over
social networking site Friendster.

“I’ve always wanted to be the Bill Gates of Malaysia. I saw him on
television when I was a cybercafé operator in my teens in Johor. I
told my boss then that I wanted to be the Bill Gates of Malaysia,” he
says with a laugh.

Having started early in business, Ganesh says one of the biggest
obstacles was getting people to understand “the need to be crazy”.

“The last thing I did was buy Friendster and everyone was asking me
why. You must think far and see things for the value they can give
you. Getting people to understand that you need to be a little crazy
or to be different to be special, I think that’s the hardest thing.”

Being in business also means there is never really a day off.

“You will always be constantly thinking about how to do things better,
faster, to innovate and create. It is very much a 24/7 ‘job’.”

He also admits that it is never easy to handle change.

“Every time you list a company, de-list it, or buy another company, it
is never easy in the beginning. But managing these changes, these
jumps, pushed me to grow. Buying Friendster, for example, means that I
really had to learn the American culture.”

While it is heartening that many young Malaysians want to be
entrepreneurs, he says they should not think in the short term.

“I think our entrepreneurs tend to do something for a couple of years,
give up, and move on to something else. They have to realise that
nothing worth doing is easy but if you keep at it, you become better
at it and you will make it. Don’t give up.”

Joey Yap, 33, feng shui consultant

HE earned his first million when he was 26-years-old. Since then, Joey
Yap, who will turn 33 in July, has only been earning more.

Besides being the founder of the Master Academy of Chinese Metaphysics
-- the first such global organisation devoted to the teaching of feng
shui, Bazi, and other such similar subjects -- he is the chief
consultant of Yap Global Consulting, which specialises in feng shui
and Chinese astrology services and audits.

He has also authored over 30 books, and hosts his own TV series -- all
on the subject of Chinese metaphysics.

He attributes his success to having differentiated himself in the
industry right from the start.

"I'm not a fortune-teller. I don't tell people how their life is going
to turn out. That's making statements and anyone can do that. I seek
to help people understand their profile, their talents, and advise
them on what to focus on and how, based on their individual strengths
and weaknesses and to maximise their potential."

His client list includes not just individuals but also local and
multinational conglomerates.

To be good at what he does, he reads a lot. "Not only books on
metaphysics, but also business, management and more. Many consultants
try to advise people without even a basic understanding of the
fundamentals of business, like go and hang some red cloth somewhere
and your business will succeed. How is that going to help a
businessman solve his problems?"

His own experience in managing a business has also lent him an extra edge.

"The biggest obstacle I faced was a lack of experience when I first
started out. I didn't know anything apart from accounting. Many people
think that when your feng shui is good, everything will work out.
That's not true. You still have to acquire the skills, the technical
know-how to handle your business and make it successful."

Articulate, and able to command an audience of 3,000 or more, it is
hard to imagine that Yap was once nervous when speaking to less than
10 people. "Just like the other skills, public speaking was something
I had to acquire."

What drives him? "When I first started out, I thought this industry
had been sorely misunderstood and misrepresented in many ways. I had a
burning desire to rectify this. I'd like to believe that I have."

Success, to him, is not about money. It is about being remembered for
one's deeds.

"When we leave this world, people will remember us for what we
contributed to society."

hurm....teringinnye kan?

Monday, August 9, 2010

(6) This is our number~

Msg from encik husband

"to me show details 11:16 AM (12 hours ago)

oo ok =D


HAPPY 101 DAYS ANNI *luvluv*"

salah satu sebabnye...

rumah kami kat Tokyo number 101 ^^


harini pakai necktie yg cik abang tinggalkan
actually b4 cik abg blk tu adela 練習 cara2 nk ikat necktie,
ade 2 cara yg cik abg ajar,
tp kalau tanye sah2 terus xingat dah...ritu blaja cepat je tangkap
tp bile dah xbuat..lgsg la lupe kan =P

ayat die dulu

"Simpanla necktie ni..kalau2 u nak pakai ke " i pakai tau abang! ^^v

sbb pakai tudung so cam xnampak sgt la bertali leher nye..

muke tgh detox..bersabar..bersabar..skiit je agi tu

cik abg tgh setia menunggu,
(kang die g tgk mask rider & tdo kite lak terkulat2 kang =P)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

(5) Happy 100th day of Marriage aytozee (aiyeen & zakimy)

Semoga kita terus bahagia =)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

(4) Side income + saving plan

hiasan... =)

Harini pergi Masjid Besi dgn mak n inor.

Ada pameran Inovasi Islam. Masih baru pameran ni,so mcm xramai sgt lg participant yg bukak booth.

Cuma terminat kat booth ZA 1 Permata Sdn Bhd.
Diorang ade jual emas, wafer type.
Dah ade buat beberapa research tentang saving in emas.
Yang glamer ni selalunye kalau search kat Pokli Wealth Management die buat Public Gold & jual beli emas. Selalu masuk TV.

Tapi ZA 1 Permata punye konsep jual beli emas ni lain.
Kalau Public Gold nak jadi ejen n boleh jual kat org lain at least kena ade rm40k.
Banyak tuuuu, mana nk cekau? nak sampai rm40k tu mcm 無理 je utk masa sekrg ni.

Ikutkan niat memang nk sangat2 simpan emas.
Sebab musabab die rasanye ramai org dah tau kan?
(kalau tatau boleh search la, xlarat nk list down =P)

Tp, senang citer, simpan emas mmg xkan papa kedana la.
insyaAllah ade la emas boleh tukar duit kalau terdesak tu.

So, berbalik pada ZA 1 Permata ni,
actually diorang jual produk kesihatan & kecantikan.
Kite boleh jadi ahli utk jual produk die tu (agak ok gak produk die - jus roselle etc).
Tapi kalau taknak jual produk kite boleh tukar dgn emas.
Lepas tu simpan la emas tu jadikan reta.

Lepas tu kite ajak la kawan2,sedara mara & adik badik lain yg berminat dgn emas.
Suruh derg beli emas dgn kite, i mean under kita. Tapi, die akan beli direct dgn A 1 Permata tu. Emas yg kite ade tu xkan disentuh la.

Konsep senang citer, cari org yg minat nk beli emas lepas tu dpt komisyen 10%.
Emas kite tetap kite simpan sbg reta kita. Kite rekemen org kat company utk beli emas, kite dpt komisyen.

So...each person yg beli emas under kite punye recommendation dptla kite komisyen 10%.Bile org bwh kite ni (katala A) rekemen B beli emas kat company, kite dpt 2.5%.
Orang B rekemen org C, kite dpt 1%.
Orang C rekemen org D, kite dpt 0.5%.
Org D rekemen org E, kite xdpt pape dah. Terputus dah.
Unilevel. Bukan Multi-Level.So, bukan untungkan org atas yg sampai bile2 pun untung.
Takat untung komisyen sampai org ke-3 jek.Lepas tu pepandai la kalau nk jual.
Kalau xnak wat pape pun xpe, xde rugi pun.

Dapat explaination direct from Syed (anak syed ahmad alattas) sendiri tadi.Lupe lak nama die td.
Sbb ni kampeni adik badik die dgn ipar2 skali.
Ade koperasi sendiri.Business agak besar, tgk list cam ade 2-3company derg.
Rasanye Syed Ahmad Alattas ni pun mmg org agak terkenal gak rsnye nih.

So...emas dpt,komisyen dpt =D
kalau konsep jual beli emas selalu tu,kite main pusing2 dgn emas yg kite ade.
Kalau plan ni kire kite kerja utk company la kirenye..amek komisyen jek.
Tp byk jugak tau!

Dan modal pun xbanyak sgt la,
cume RM1700 je, dptla 10gram gold wafer (cheapest plan la, bigger plan - unlimited)
InsyaAllah org2 gaji ciput cam saye mampu.

Btw, td diorang g timbang emas kat Ar-rahnu booth.
Emas tulen! xtipu.
Saya tgk sendiri rakaman die timbang emas tu, mmg kebetulan die baru timbang, n booth ar-rahnu memang saya, mak & inor baru lalu b4 sampai ke booth ZA 1 Permata nih.

Wafer emas 916 yg die tunjuk tu, hasil timbangan di booth Ar-rahnu = 10.004g.
so...emas die mmg tulen.

So...anda berminat??
meh beli emas dgn i, i dpt komisyen, lepas tu u pun boleh dpt komisyen skali.
Just rekemen tempat nk beli emas je dgn org =D.

Gmbr xde, ade kat inor.
nnati dah ade kang paste kat sini ek.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


kat Mid Valley
excited gile nk pergi nih!~

refer here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(2) Update~

Pelukan setiap malam =)

saangat la banyak benda2 yg terjadi selama xupdate blog ni..
kite tgk gmbr je ok?
cerita2 yg xde gmbr tu...kalau ade mase update la kut

Jenguk Jom Heboh @ Presint 2 dgn adik.
Tapi xberapa meriah compared to Jom Heboh yg kat Bukit Jalil dulu.

(rock kan cik kak baca paper tu? =P)


..i thought it was an infection, so i balut la sbb pedih.
dah pergi ke Klinik LITA ALIS P9 tu, die kate bisul api...makan ubat n sapu ubat xbaik2...decide ke Klinik Kerajaan kat P9 tu

diorang guna scan system at each kaunter/section..sgt IT (ade ke ayat ni? =P)

inai masih melekat di jari w/pun nak masuk 2bulan dah =)

Doktor cakap kena chicken pox 2nd time.Tp kat satu saraf je..and ye mmg die serang siku n lengan je xde kena kat tmpt lain. Doc ckp lagi kalau masa 1st time kena tu die xkeluar banyak, so possibility nk kena balik tu ade - kes saye le ni =P.

So dptla ML 3hari hehe heaven! =P


Makan2 with family @ Mines (on me, alhamdulillah rezeki lebih)

Mak - chicken chop

Deli - steak

Adik - Marinara Spaghetti (mak kata food tech kat UPM punye cafe buat lg sedap, later will ask mum to buy it for us =D)

Inor - Chicken chop with mushroom sauce

Pizza ala karipap =P
kitorang dah xlarat nak makan ni sbb gile lambat sampai.So...tapau!~ makan utk dinner.

Spa dating dgn beba & muni @ Suria Embun Spa.
Beba balik semenanjung, so masa berjumpe2 an dan update2 la cerita masing2.

test mekap brand farmasi yg glamer sekarang ni.

on the next day lepak @ Alamanda (beba,muni,saza) also encik alif serta makcik2nye.
beso dah budak nih! ensem! Muni duk melayan si alif tgk cermin.Excited betul die.

pakcik blkg tu pun excited tgk kamu alif.huhu

Teman mak g dinner workshop faculty tmpt die keje.
Restoran Tupai Tupai - food die sedap! dekat je dgn UKM.

Hang out with keluarga belah cik abang. (Sebelah is his younger brother yg dah botak..aiyo~ actually takut tgk org botak)
Ke pasar tani Stadium Shah Alam & Jakel Shah Alam.
Kiterg dpt offer from tokey jakel tu sbb SIL yg dtg skali tu tgh sarat mengandung n tokey cakap "khas utk ibu yg mengandung ni kalau nak ape2 bgtau saye, i bg special price.sbb die bawa 2 wife pun baru bersalin last week" kibun die tgh seronok la kut dpt bb baru tu. Tp kami xbeli ape pun, mak mertua je beli 2 helai baju. Hurm...raya nk belikan ape utk mak mertua ek?

Tried kulit popia sira sambal. For me mmg fail la sbb kurang pedas n kurang manis, tp bile bawak g office laku la pulak. (Sbb die rangup kut, xboleh berhenti mengunyahnye) Japanese yg leader i siap tanye xnak jual buat kuih raye ke?die nak beli sbb die boleh makan, not so spicy for her.I'll make it for u only la nanti.hehe


Went to dermalogica open day @ P10 & got these tiny hand cream as doorgift. Okla..dpd xdpt pape =P. I signed up for 1st time facial @ essence the beauty.RM68 only using dermalogica.But terlepas the one @ Aster Spring tu, i tot it was on sunday tp hari sabtu da...haish.Takde rezeki nak wat cane..

Cardigan @ Jusco Equine Park..guess how much?

RM19!~ muahahaha ^^v

Salsa Strawberry hand lotion @ RM2.70~~ (NP is RM9)

New "Mata Lalat"!!
tp encik husband ckp macam gyaru kat nihon lak
xpela, sbb yg lama xcukup cover silau dr mata..yg ni mmg sgt2 sayang sbb everyday pun pakai =D


Reader's Digest contest invitation (replica cheque)

hui kalau boleh menang nih ^^
kayooo kejap =P

ok itu dulu takat ni,
husband dah balik~
masa utk dating2 di Y!M
next time nk update lagi =D