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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UPDATE from Chiba

I tell u my experience during earthquake and tsunami next time,

at the moment will update latest info on situation here

As until now...

1) Nuclear Plant :
Tank 1 = Hydrogen exploded (on 13/3/2011 3++pm)
Tank 3 = Hydrogen exploded (on 14/3/2011 1101am)
Tank 4 = Damaged on outer building
Tank 2 = Exploded sound
Tank 5 = Damage discovered today (at early morning)

545am today = Flames observed at Tank 4
There is a crack at one of the inner tank building.

Chernobyl = Level 7
Japan = Level 4

2) Tokai area (Shizuoka) experienced M6.0 earthquake last night around 103xpm.
(Kitorang baru nak dinner that time,sini kat Matsudo-shi(Chiba) pun gegar gile!!)

3) Low level radiaton (0.81microSv) arrived Tokyo 5++pm 15/3/2011
(X-ray radiation 200microSv)

4) Radiation around the plant YESTERDAY (14/3/2011) around 3pm :
Tank 4 = 100mSv
Tank 3 = 400mSv
...Kalau 150mSv dah ble jejaskan fertility lelaki dah tau
I still don't know latest reading for today.

4) Even paksa my husband not to go to the office (Tokyo) today.

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